At Ikon Images, we are true artists.

We take life less seriously than we do photography. And because we do, we manage to churn out photographs that are filled with mirth, colour, compassion, vigour and sublime beauty. Bespoke is always our word of the day. Creating exclusive portrait photography in a style suited to your tastes - be it a family portrait, a photo with your beloved, a corporate shot, pictures for your modelling portfolio or perhaps an exotic photo with your Siamese cats. We are the ones for you.

Photos are usually taken in Ikon Images’ studio; however, we will go wherever you need us. Some prefer the varieties and colours that a natural backdrop provides. Meet us in the woods, a local park, a sandy beach or even a deserted construction site – let’s explore more creative possibilities together, to set up the best outcome for you.

Ikon Images has access to numerous professional photographer supplies, thus providing us with a current and trendy supply of frames. Some framing styles that we offer can be seen if you click here or here. Hopefully this will give you creative ideas.

In order to maintain originality, Ikon Images only undertakes a limited number of portraits each month. We work on an appointment basis. If you have any questions for us or would like to book your portrait sessions with us, please email info@ikonimages.com or visit our website for more information:
Do visit our portrait photography gallery for a feel of some styles we are consistently good at.
For contemporary portrait sessions, click here.
If you require headshots for your business, acting or modelling portfolio, click here.
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